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By Jon Kolber, Building Maintenance

With the fifth anniversary of our building coming up this fall, this is a good time to share with you our progress over the past year. First and foremost, we are a Team which includes not only staff members (myself, John B, and Emily, as well as our two student hires, John D and Ode) but also many others, including members of our Men’s Club.

After five years, things have started to wear and break. We don’t try to tackle everything that needs attention, but we do what we can ourselves. Over the past year we have replaced nearly 100 fluorescent light bulbs inside the building, as well as others on the outside. Thanks to a generous donation by one of our community members, Steve, we also replaced all 72 standard bulbs in the chandeliers in the community room with new, low energy bulbs which are just as bright but use much less electricity. Steve has also provided valuable advice and consultation to our team effort involving our lighting. About 10% of our 500 chairs have been damaged due to constant usage. These have been fixed using available spare parts. All the remaining chairs (about 490) were cleaned using our own machine. John and Emily teamed up to fix some broken/worn items around the building, including the front entrance door and one of the two song book racks. John has fixed a number of outside lights which have been subjected to weather and other issues. We have used our student hires and community service workers to get a variety of tasks done, including efficient storage of items in this building, the shed, and in the condo basement as well as constructing a small (since deceased) tool shed. We refreshed the paint for the traffic arrows and handicapped spaces outside. We have started to clean and maintain our tile floor surfaces using our own machine. We recently purchased a pressure washer which we use to keep the exterior entrances clean and fresh looking.

The past year has also involved considerable work by contractors. Our Business Manager, Tom, contracted to have the office enclosure and closet in rooms A and B constructed, adding security and storage room to the Center. Also, the parapet wall that runs along the perimeter of the front roof, which was leaking water onto our ceilings, was removed and rebuilt last November. This spring, we had five handicapped door openers installed. All of this work was paid for by others.

Other major improvements made to our building include the addition of a defibrillator in the vestibule, a new comprehensive first aid station in the kitchen, improved sound systems, a rear projection screen in the community room, and an enhanced router system which will handle many more computers than the original did.

Currently, we are having a solar power array installed on our high roof. When functional, this will save a considerable amount on our electric bill as well as make us greener. The work was expected to start on September 23.

Some of the items we are looking at adding/replacing in the coming year(s) include new rugs, a cabinet behind the altar, and a new, stronger tool shed. Some things we plan to fix include completing the white paneling on the kitchen wall, resolving issues with several of the wooden outside doors, and starting to work on nicks and scratches in the painted walls.

Hopefully this update will make you more aware of how we are dealing with our building, especially what we can accomplish in house. Our Team will continue to not only keep up with the things that need work but also plan for the future of our growing faith community.



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Please click on this image to view the entire gallery of photos from the Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Newman Center at UB, May 27, 2014.

Confirmation Class 2014

You have my permission to download any of these images for your own personal use.

Mike Beato


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Support Campus Ministry

April 23, 2014

Second Annual Campaign

In his recent exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), Pope Francis calls on Catholics to go out into the world, sharing their faith “with enthusiasm and vitality” by being living examples of joy, love and charity.

Our primary mission at the Newman Center is simply that: “Go forth” and reach out to the UB Community. We do this in so many ways through student retreats, bible studies, alternative spring breaks, internships, adopt-a-student program and Wednesday night dinners.

Wednesday night dinners are a time when students and volunteers interact and get to know and learn from one another. Under the guidance of our chief cooks, Liz Papke and Debbie Brown, dedicated volunteers have prepared many, tasty new recipes this year. A joyful, Spring time student told me this week, “Thanks. It’s the only night I look forward to. Otherwise, PB & J.” Our numbers continue to grow, now an average of 200 students a week.

All of these wonderful ministries are made possible by the generous support of the Newman Community. Please consider making a donation to help us to defray some of the cost of these events.


Fr. Pat

Contributions can be made by check payable to: Newman Center and mailed or placed in the collection basket or you can make an online contribution in the Community and Student Services section.


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Parish Registration Form

June 5, 2013

If you haven’t registered with the Newman Center at UB Parish, please do so now by downloading the Parish Registration Form PDF, filling it out, and dropping it off at Mass. Thank you!

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